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    It's important to note that in cold sweats the surrounding atmospheric conditions play a minimal role, and it occurs when the surroundings are normal (so the sweating is not normal) Anxiety, stress and severe pain from injuries, are some of the common causes that lead to these sweats Anxiety PerformX Testo triggers increased heartbeat, resulting in profuse sweating Excessive sweating cools the skin, and so the sweat is referred to as cold sweat Shortness of breath in patients also leads to profuse sweating, as lack of oxygen leads to stress, and stress to sweating Shock, trauma, and fear are also the reasons for cold sweating This is because when the body is stressed, certain hormones are released, which leads to sweating Certain infections are also associated with night sweating Infections like tuberculosis, endocarditic, osteomyelitis, abscesses and HIV infection, also cause profuse sweating or hyperhidrosis Lymphoma, is a type of cancer which is commonly associated with night sweats In fact, such profuse night sweating is considered an early sign of cancer Use of certain medications can also trigger night sweating, especially the use of anti-depressant pills Other medications like the ones taken to lower fever, can also cause night sweating in some people, especially children Low blood sugar condition in diabetic patients is one of the reasons for cold night sweats People with neurologic conditions and hormone disorders, are also prone to sweating at night Menopause is also one of the reasons that women may wake up in cold sweats It also causes hot sweat flashes at night due to a drop in the estrogen levels Hormonal changes and stress cause these sweats during pregnancy

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